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The Mission of the Fine Arts Department of Monroe County Public Schools is to provide all high school students a variety of high quality artistic experiences in Marching Band, Dance, Theatre, Music and the Visual Arts and to encourage creativity, the development of a unique artistic voice, and the enthusiastic pursuit of excellence in the Arts.


We believe that the creative process is essential to learning and we endeavor to provide a diverse, comprehensive, and sequential curriculum that includes creating and performing, making aesthetic judgments, and responding to the connections between art and life. We challenge students to become life-long learners and collaborators who understand and appreciate the potential of the Arts to enhance their lives by making them more involved, more motivated, more sensitive, more focused, more creative and responsible citizens.

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Visual Arts - Mary Jane Coker
Theatre - Valerie Lemmons
Excel Marching Band - Katie Knight
JUB Band - Callie Jackson
MCHS Band - Julianne Mattox