E-Rate 17-18 Questions

*** Bid Opening (Network Switches), originally scheduled for Monday, January 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm...rescheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2017, due to the MLK Holiday...same time and place.  Any questions, please email Devlynne Barnes - dbarnes@monroe.k12.al.us

January 10, 2017

Please include these statements, for clarification to the REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS - 
FY 2017-2018 - Network Switches.  These were discussed during the walk-throughs and we wanted to communicate them with everyone:

1 - The part number/configuration of switches listed in the RFP.  Part Number 10061 is listed as the power cord for both model switches (X440-G2 24 and X440-G2-48).  This is the correct part number for the X440-G2-24 model switch; however the X440-G2-48 needs a different power cord that is a little more expensive and that part number is 10099.  So with the switch configuration listed – we will need (3) 10099 and (4) 10061.

2 - We failed to list that we need 10051H  1000BASE-SX SFP, MMF 220 & 550 meters, LC Connector, for each switch.  
So we will need a total of 7. To further clarify we need the 1000 Base SX  type for Multimode fiber.  We do not need any of the long range Gbics which are 1000 Base LX for single mode fiber.