About Us

Monroe County Public Schools continueto be the single largest employer in Monroe County, employing 278 certificated personnel and 171 support personnel for a total of 449 employees, who serve 3,600 students, They are locally governed and operated by the Monroe County Board of Education, consisting of five electedmembers and an appointed superintendent.

Monroe County Schools are strong because we have a great team.   We have an excellent board that wants the best for all children in every community we serve.  We have strong leadership and master teachers delivering appropriate and innovative curriculum in classrooms across Monroe County.   We have conscientious support staff, safely transporting students, providing warm nutritious meals, providing maintenance for buildings and facilities on 7 schools campuses, our Career Tech Center, Alternative Learning Center, Central Office and working along side teachers facilitating instruction.   

We are strong because we realize that collaborative relationships are vital to our system if we are to be progressive and successfully meet the needs of students in a time of increasingly stringent accountability.   It is critical that al lstakeholders be an integral component in the planning and implementationof programs and goals.   This involvement is key to every aspect of oursystem.  It is important that our system stakeholders feel ownership,because a feeling of ownership translates into pride among students, parents, administrators, faculty and staff. 

Not only, is it important to build collaborative relationships within the system; it is important to reachout to our communities so that we might cultivate and establish relationships.  As a result of partnering with community agencies, businesses, and industry we can collectively provide a superior education for the students of Monroe County.  

A very focused and data driven approach to school improvement that engages the classroom teacher, enables us to not only meet the challenge of the federally legislated mandate, No Child Left Behind, but provides the foundation for that superior education.  Our system continues to remain academically clear as a direct result of excellent instruction and student efforts in each of our schools.