Business and Finance

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The Monroe County Board of Education considers business operations of the school system essential to the central function of the school system.  The Monroe County Board of Education delegates to the professional staff the overseeing of school business operations for the purpose of providing the facilities and services that will support a good educational program.

With the assistance of the Superintendent and personnel, the Monroe County Board of Education shall establish efficient management procedures for accounting/accounts payable, business operations, purchasing, local school accounting, payroll and insurance, school food service, transportation, and auditing.  It is incumbent upon each employee to enhance the educational environment by adhering to or exceeding these standards.

The Monroe County Board of Education shall also authorize adequate funds, and personnel based upon the Superintendent's recommendation, to insure that responsibilities concerning staff and student safety, care and welfare are discharged responsibly.  Our goal is to properly and efficiently make use of all public funds.


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