Learning Style Inventory
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Monroe County Strategic Plan

Goal 2

To provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares all students to be college

and/or career ready.



Utilize research-based instructional strategies to increase student learning and academic

achievement by actively engaging students in instruction.


Action Step

Identify the learning styles of students by administering a learning styles inventory. Varied

Instructional strategies must be implemented to address the diverse learning styles of




Results from Learning Styles Inventory; Lesson plans reflect diverse instructional strategies;

Instructional Walkthroughs show evidence of diverse instructional strategies.


Learning Styles Inventories will be administered to all students and completed in September each year. 

There are inventories for K-2, 3-6, and 7-12. 

  • K-2 inventories will be in paper and pencil format.
  • 3-6 and 7-12 inventories will be in electronic format and may be accessed by clicking the appropriate grade level inventory under the "Related Documents" section of this page.  Once a student completes the inventory, the results will be tabulated immediately on the computer.  Students should print their inventory and turn it in to their teacher.