Gifted Services
Intellectually gifted children and youth are those who perform at or have the potential to perform at high levels in academic or creative fields when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment.

The Monroe County Board of Education would like to inform all stakeholders that services are provided for intellectually and creatively gifted students.  The Monroe County Public School System realizes that gifted students are unique and have special needs and interests.  Because of these needs, a gifted program was established to serve the intellectually and creatively gifted in Monroe County. 

The gifted program should not be seen only as an acceleration or extension of regular classroom activities, but rather work and activities independent of the regular curriculum.  A differentiated curriculum is provided to challenge the students to reach their potentials.    Activities that foster the growth and development  of leadership abilities are included  in the program.  Gifted and  talented students are assisted in understanding the moral implication of their gifts.  The program enables gifted and creative students to make positive  and beneficial contributions  to their community and society  both now and in the future.