Transition Services

The mission of the Monroe County Special Services Department is to continually develop the knowledge of educators, involve parents, secure sufficient resources and develop interagency collaboration to cultivate intrinsically motivated students prepared for life.

Transition planning is a formal process for helping students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) determine what they want to do after high school and how to get there successfully. 

The purpose of transition planning is to help the student prepare to be an independent adult. IEP transition planning is more then just a hopeful exercise or brainstorming session. During planning, the student will work on specific goals geared to prepare the student for life after high school. The student will also receive services to help achieve these goals. 

Transition services can be provided by outside organizations and the school. The circle of people involved in a student's transition plan may expand to include people from the community. These may include counselors, job coaches, and transition specialists. 

At the heart of the transition process is the transition plan. To develop this plan, the IEP Team will work with the student to identify the student's strengths and interests. This, in turn, will guide planning.