3rd Grade Reading Results - Major Improvement!

3rd Grade Reading Results - Major Improvement!
Posted on 05/22/2024
Reading Level TrendsThanks to the hard work of our school administrators, reading specialists, and teachers at Monroe County Board of Education, 91% of our 3rd graders are on or above grade level in reading this year. This is a 17% increase from Spring 2023. We are in line with the state...Way to go, Monroe!!

Also, the state lowered the cut score by 17 points ( from 452 to 435) for 3rd graders to be considered on or above grade level. Monroe County 3rd graders would have been at 84% in Spring 2024 if the cut score had remained at 452, which is still a 10% increase from Spring 2023. Again, we are moving in the right direction.


Reading Trends Chart