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2017-2018 ONLINE


1. Have your childs student(s) ID# available.  

(ex. S12345 - This number is available on the parent portal or by contacting your local school)

2. Under the login bar click Sign up to create your Chalkable Cafe account

You will receive an email notification verifying your account.  Click on the email verification then return to the link above to login to your account.

*3. Click on "add student"
*NOTE: The application will not be valid if you do not "ADD STUDENT" to your account.

4. AFTER adding students begin the application process by clicking on "submit application" and answer all questions.

Include your email address if you would like the approval/denial letter emailed to you. Approval/denial letters will be available at your child's school.

5. Click on link below

Call Julie Autrey at 251-743-6006 with questions



Click on link below to register:

Your child's student number (ex. S123456), which can be found in INow or on the Progress Report is required to register. 

(Thereis a $1.00 transaction convenience fee for each electronic checking payment anda convenience fee of $2.65 for payments made by credit or debit card per each$100 increment.)

Eat Healthy-Be Healthy

Nutritional Meals are good for the Body and Mind!

The Monroe County School Child Nutrition Program prepares a healthy meal each day which consist of the five components of a nutritional meal (Grains, Vegetables, Meat, Fruit, and Milk).

I will be working with the Managers from each school to make positive changes to our lunchrooms over the next few months.  

Please assist us by encouraging the students to:
eturn completed Meal Application to the School immediately upon receipt; 
Observe the Monroe County Board of Education “NO Charge” Policy for Students and Adults; 
Be prepared to make payments for Breakfast and Lunch in Homeroom/First Period;
Let the homeroom teachers know if they are eating, so the report can be sent to the Office;
Encourage the students to eat School Breakfast and School Lunch each day.

Studies show that students with healthy eating and exercise habits have:
* Higher Test Scores
* Better Attendance
* Improved Concentration
* Fewer Discipline Problems
* Greater Overall Achievement

Menus will be posted in the classroom, school cafeteria, the school website. Please take time to view the menus. We would love for you to provide comments and concerns that will help us make positive changes.

Monroe County Schools Lunch Prices for 2017-2018:

Regular Prices: Breakfast - $0.75 -  Lunch - $1.90 

Reduced Prices: Breakfast - $0.30 - Lunch - $0.40

Employee Prices: Breakfast - $1.50 - Lunch - $3.00 

Visitor's Price: Children: Breakfast $1.00 - Lunch $2.50
Adults:     Breakfast $2.00 - Lunch $3.25

We appreciate your cooperation with Monroe County School Child Nutrition Program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Monroe County Board of Education at 251-743-6006.

Thank You,

Julie Autrey,

Child Nutrition Program Director